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Trappers Lake Lodge is FOR SALE 
For those interested please contact Holly or Carol. Its a wonderful lifestyle it's just time for us to retire - 970-878-3336 or email us at

We have added paddle boards to  the fun options on the lake.


May 26, 2015 - Hi Everyone. Its May 26th and we are getting ready to start moving back up the mountain.  As with the rest of Colorado we have been getting rain and snow. We are ready for some sunshine. We will be officially open for the 2015 season on the morning of May 29th. The road is doing well so travel is not bad at all even with all the rain we have had. The Trappers Lake campground road just past the bridge remains snowed in. We will help the camp hosts clear the road as soon as we get back up. The trail from the outlet parking lot has drifts at the top so be careful going up. And yes, we have ICE OUT!

April 6, 2015 - We will reopen for the 2015 season on May 29th. I will post here and on Facebook as soon as we know we have Ice Out. You all can look forward to Garfield county maintaining Trappers Lake Road - no more bumps and pot holes. Resurfacing should start sometime in June. As always we look forward to seeing you all.

Saturday - May 31, 2014 - We have ICE OUT! The road up to the outlet is clear. You may need to take the horse trail up to the lake from the outlet parking lot. A lump of snow at the top of the regular foot trail is holding on and is deep.

Trappers Lake Lodge is officially open for the 2014 season.

North Fork and Himes Peak campgrounds are open. Trappers Lake Campgrounds will open the third week of June.

Sunday - May 19, 2014 - The road has been plowed to the outlet parking lot however access to the lake will require getting past six foot snow drifts.  The lake remains frozen over.  Lake of the Woods is open for fishing however again you will be hiking through drifts up to your waist.   Reports from Lake of the Woods is the fishing is good.  The good news is that warm winds are howling on the mountain which will help melt the snow and start the ice melting on the lake.   Keep checking back for updates.

May 15, 2014 - The road up to Trappers Lake Lodge and Lake remains snowed in. The road has been cleared to the Skinny Fish parking lot. The plowing stopped at that point due to snow depth. Attempts to continue plowing will continue this week. Night time temps remain in the teens meaning the lake remains frozen.

May 15, 2014 - Trappers Lake Lodge will delay its opening to June 1, 2014 as we are confident the road will be clear by then. As always we are taking reservations for the 2014 season.

Please check back to learn the status of ice out.

See you all soon!

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